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Anti Ageing – Results you notice

Skinician Restoring Night Cream 50ml – £34.95

An advanced, anti-ageing night cream that acts as an intensive energy booster to stimulate ATP. It helps the skin to recover its energy potential, similar to the potential of young skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and skin is firmer and more toned. The skin is left energized and re-activated with a radiant, youthful appearance.


  • Activates cellular energy.
  • Boosts cellular metabolism.
  • Increases oxygen in the skin cells.
  • Stimulates collagen.

A clinical trial on women aged between 21-55 proved that:

  • The ingredients increased the level of ATP by an average 65%
  • Increased the oxygen up take of the skin by 45%

Directions for use

  • After cleansing and toning, apply a generous amount in circular movements to the face and neck.
  • Allow to absorb and nourish the skin for at least 8 hours.
  • Avoid contact with the eye area.
  • Ideally apply 1 hour before going to bed.
  • Use daily.
  • Use sparingly on excessive oily skin.

Skinician Advanced Calming Serum 50ml – £34.95

The Advanced Calming Serum is a concentrated soothing serum for the face and neck area, to comfort sensitive and irritable skin conditions. Capillaries are strengthened new cell generation is stimulated. Skin is left soothed, restored and protected against environmental damage.


  • Instantly calms and soothes the skin.
  • Strengthens the skins defences.
  • Hydrates and repairs the skin.

Directions for use

  • Apply to the face and neck area, after cleansing.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Use daily at night.
  • Can be used twice daily if required.
  • Apply only on sensitive areas of Mature skin / Dry skin
  • Apply where necessary on Sensitive skin
  • Apply where irritation occurs on Sensitised skin

Skinician Advanced Eye Repair 15ml – £29.95

A vitamin enriched anti-ageing and firming eye cream, specially formulated with buckwheat, yeast, Vitamin E and vitamin B5 to nourish and soothe the delicate tissue around the eye area and ease signs of fatigue.


  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduces puffiness, spider veins and dark circles.
  • Lifts and firms the skin.
  • Prevents premature ageing.

Directions for use

  • Apply sparingly to the eye contour using forefinger.
  • Avoid the lower lids and tear duct.
  • Apply morning and night after cleansing and toning.

Skinician Advanced Anti-Age Serum 50ml – £45.00

An intensive serum using a combination of marine collagen and argan oil to regenerate the skin, instantly firms and tones and stimulates collagen and elastin. The skin looks radiant, luminous, hydrated, nourished and protected.


  • Regenerates and renews the skin.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Protects against photo ageing.
  • Long term anti-wrinkle effect.

Directions for use

  • Apply a small amount on to the face and neck under moisturiser.
  • Avoid eye area.
  • Use twice daily; both morning and night.