Beauty-Tox Facials

Beauty-Tox Botox without the needles

This is a no needle system, not as dramatic as Botox but safely, gently and very effectively uses pulsed oxygen pressure shots to deliver active ingredient into the deep layers of the skin. Significantly reduce expression lines and wrinkle depth, giving a more youthful appearance. No freezing effect. Regenerates and tightens the skin by the build up of collagen.

Beauty-Tox Curative treatment

For mature skins with lines/wrinkles.

Beauty-Tox Preventative treatment

Ideal for younger skins with small areas of concern.

Beauty-Tox Energising oxygen Treatment

Proven to re-energise the face, giving a healthy radiant, brighter look and firmer feel to the skin. New life is breathed into the skin.

Maxi Lip – The perfect pout

This is a patented natural product that is delivered into the lips via a unique oxygen method, resulting in full firm lips with a well-defined contour. The painless way, no needle treatment for those who want the ‘perfect pout’.

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