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There are periods in our life when we are uncertain which way to turn. It could be that you are facing a major life crisis such as bereavement, divorce, addiction, relationship difficulties. Or you are uncertain about how you are dealing with life on a day to day basis. Or you want someone non-judgemental and confidential to speak to. My approach to psychotherapy enables you or have time and space which is yours to explore the issues that are important to you.

ForestBlueLightAs an Integrative Psychotherapist I believe there is no single approach that can treat each client in all situations.  I believe we are all unique individuals and need to be treated as such.  My approach is about enabling you to learn more about yourself.  It is relational based which not only means that the therapeutic relationship between you and I is at the core of the therapy but that we explore the contact you have with yourself and others.  This awareness enables you to have a greater understanding of how you react in the world and the opportunity to change this if you wish.

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