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All Skin treatments are performed after a detailed consultation, which is complimentary with no obligation to proceed with treatment. Our Experts will ensure you receive the treatment that meets your individual concerns and requirements.


Skin Fitness Plan powered by Face mapping® s 10 minutes: Complimentary

SkinSolver 10 minutes: £10.00 (redeemable against product purchase)

Dermalogica Pro-Skin 30 skin treatment £35.00

Dermalogica Pro-Skin 60 skin treatment £58.00

Pro-Power Peel

Powerful skin resurfacing system for break-out reduction, pigmentation and signs of premature ageing. A consultation and patch test are required prior to proceeding with this treatment, which are complimentary and do not commit you to proceeding with treatment.

Express Pro Power peel £65.00

Pre-paid course of 3 £180.00

Pro Power Peel 60 £90.00

Pre-paid course of 3 £255.00


LightFusion Photo-Facial 30 minutes £45.00 or course of 3 @ £120.00

LightFusion Radiance Photo-Facial 45 minutes £55.00

LightFusion Age Defence Photo-Facial 90 minute treatment. £75.00

Advanced Exfoliation Treatments

Microdermabrasion £48.00

Xpress treatment £35.00

Non–Surgical Lifting Treatments

Single treatment £35.00 | Course of 8 with 2 free treatments £280.00

Luxury Non-Surgical with mini facial £45.00

Eye Treatments

Brow shape/tidy £9.50

Lash Tint £12.00

Brow tint £7.00

Eye Treatments

Beautiful Eyes lash tint, brow tint and eyebrow shape £25.50

Weekend lash extensions £15.00

Mylash Lash Lift The revolutionary alternative to lash extensions inc lash tint £40.00


Tanning by AVIVA Labs

Let us create your perfect tan with-out the harmful effects of damaging UV rays. We can create a customised spray tan for your natural tan colour or just a winter glow .

Full body – £22.50 | (n/a)Half body £15.00

Sunkissed glow – face, neck arms £12.50

Spray Tan Legs £16.00

Spray Tan Wednesdays ALL SPRAY TANS £20.00



Swedish Massage – A gentle rhythmic massage to relax and de-stress.

Full Body Massage £40.00

Back Massage £25.00

Hot Stone Massage– Hot stones are used to relieve stress, relax and promote inner peace and tranquility.

Full body – 1.5 houre £60.00

Back of body – 50 minutes £40.00

Back – 30 minutes £30.00

Indian Head Massage– an energizing head and scalp massage which uses pressure pints to de-stress and ease tension – £30.00

Stress release scalp & face massarge – £35


Full leg wax £30.00

Half leg wax £20.00

Half leg wax, bikini wax – £ 32.50

Half leg wax, bikini wax, underarm wax £42.50

Bikini wax – standard £ 15.00

Under arm wax £ 14.50

Chest wax £ 18.50

Full arm wax £ 18.00

Half arm wax £ 15.00

Back wax £ 25.00

Lip/chin wax £ 10.00



File and varnish £15.00

Xpress manicure £17.00

Complete manicure £ 22.00

OPI Spa manicure £30.00


File and varnish £18.00

Pedicure £34.00

Extensions & coloured gel varnish

Coloured Gel fingers OR Toes £23.00

Coloured Gel Fingers or Toes removal of old gel £30.00

Coloured Gel removal with mani/pedi £30.00

Full Manicure with Coloured Gel  Polish £35.00

Toes File & Polish with Coloured Gel Polish £23.00

Pedicure with Coloured Gel Polish £35.00

Fingers File & Polish with Coloured Gel Polish £23.00

Coloured Gel Professional removal with mini mani/pedi £ 30.00


Coloured Gel application for fingers and toes plus a spray tan ONLY £55.00

Gel Nail Extensions £42.00

Infills £29.50

Optional extra – coloured gel £10.00


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