NEW #hyrdomasqueexfoliant is here and we are loving 💙this amazing new masque….. exfoliation + hydration = smooth, luminous, healthy looking skin.
New #HydroMasqueExfoliant from  designed for all skin types to:
✨Smooth and renew the skin’s texture giving you luminous, healthy-looking skin in just 5 minutes!
Want to try it for yourself ……. we have created a Hydro Masque Exfoliant Intro Kit which contains a trail size Hydro Masque Exfoliant, plus all the supporting sample sizes to do your very own Skinsolver treatment at home (even headband and sponges in a cool little bag) for £15.00

We have done a video to talk you through how to perform your very own Hydro Masque Exfoilant Skin-Solver at home.

Excited???? We are…. so all you need to do is contact me to order your kit (you can collect or we are still delivering) . BUT, you do not have to purchase a kit to watch the video and equally if you want to buy a kit you don’t have watch it- hope that makes sense 🙂#FeeltheSpheres 

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