About Dr Wass

Dr Wass offers anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, microneedling, chemical skin peels & ZO skin care.

Aesthetic procedures are soaring in popularity, choosing the right practitioner to undertake such procedures is vital to achieving excellent results whilst keeping you safe and reducing the risk of any complications. These procedures should ideally be carried out by a medical professional, trained nurse or dentist.
In the UK, aesthetic procedures are not regulated therefore injections can be administered by inadequately trained individuals who have no knowledge of facial anatomy and how to manage complications should they arise.
All cosmetic procedures are undertaken by the highly trained experienced doctor, Dr Wass. He has 17 years medical experience and has a specialist interest in skin, having completed a post graduate diploma in Dermatology.
He offers a range of treatments which rejuvenate your skin, enhance your features, contour your face and soften wrinkles. The combination of aesthetic treatments, coupled with Dr Wass’ knowledge will make you look great & feel fantastic.
Your consultation will be a holistic approach by assessing which treatments or combination of treatment would be essential to achieving your facial rejuvenation.

We are thrilled to announce that Dr Wass will be offering A full range of cosmetic prodcedures at The Skin Company

Please view his web-site for more details and to book  https://cosmetic-skinclinic.co.uk/why-choose/

The next available clinics at The Skin Company

Friday 7th August 5.45 to 7.30

Friday 21st August 5.45 to 7.30


You can contact us or Dr wass directly. 

Why Dr Wass?

Trust your practitioner with your best asset, your face! Dr Wass has trained with internationally renowned injectors and has the knowledge & skill to create the best version of you. Dr Wass has trained with the renowned Harley Academy for Aesthetic Medicine and is mentored by Dr Lee Walker, a key opinion leader in the world of aesthetics. You can feel confident and reassured that you are being treated by a fully insured medical professional with years of aesthetic experience.

It is always important to book ahead of important events or engagements to allow time for the treatments to have their maximum effect.

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