So because we can’t re-open just yet I thought that I would continue with encouraging you our wonderful clients to look after yourselves and help you prioritise your wellness and own self-care. 

Did You Know? 

74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope – that’s a lot of us! 

A Wellness Lifestyle is a commitment towards improved health and fitness, as well as increased satisfaction and fulfilment in all the important areas of your life including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

You can take some simple steps to improve you wellness and self-care and following are a few. You may not be able to incorporate all of them into your life but a few might help to make a difference. 

  • Schedule time in your diary for a daily ‘me time moment’. Take a walk outside during your lunch break or find a quiet space to meditate or do a deep breathing exercise.
  • Commit to booking a regular professional service such as a skin treatment or massage. This dedicated one-on-one time with a professional therapist will not only help improve your skin but your overall sense of relaxation and wellbeing.
  • Monitor your screen time. Ensure you have extended periods during the day or evening to disconnect the tech. Especially before bedtime as blue light emitted from devices plays havoc with your body clock.
  • Enjoy nature when you can, visit green spaces or the countryside and relish in the fresh air.
  • Make healthy choices, fuel your body with nutritious food and exercise regularly. Find what works for you; a quick 20-minute HIIT session at home or a yoga class in the evening
  • Try committing to a ‘Self- Care Sunday’ regimen. Speak with your Professional Skin Therapist for a personalised prescription and for advice on what to include from weekly resurfacing, masques and using tools such as Gua Sha stones or rollers. Even just taking time, applying a face mask or just connecting with your skin care routine. 
  • Keep a diary, somewhere to write positive affirmations, things you’re grateful for or anything that made you smile during your day.

It’s not easy to make changes but then many good things aren’t but try stopping, breathing and changing one thing at a time. 

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