Prior to your visit we wanted to ensure you that your safety is our top priority. We have all completed the Dermalogica Clean touch certification and are guided by Dermalogica Principles for enhanced safety. 

Please take the next few minutes to read what we have done and what you can help us with ….. it will only take 2 minutes …..I promise and thank-you.

We’ll continue to follow latest official advice on everything from hygiene to self-isolation to avoid catching or spreading the virus.

Prior to your visit – we will ask you to complete our Covid questionnaire (below), if you answer yes to any questions we will ask you not to attend your appointment. 

Please remain behind the screen in our reception area and maintain social distancing/only one person at a time in this area.

We will be wearing face shields and masks during your treatments for your protection, so we kindly ask you wear a face mask/covering in the areas indicated and during certain treatments for our protection. 

Treatments are by appointment only and must be pre-booked. We have ensured that only one person arrives at any one time and during treatments the door will remain locked. Please ensure you arrive at your appointment time and leave as promptly  as possible to allow us to prepare for our next appointment – thank-you. 

If you wish to purchase products after your appointment please book a shopping spot which will allow you enough time to not be rushed and thank-you in advance.

Please come alone to your appointment and sanitise your hands upon entering.

All towels, headbands, mitts will be disposable or freshly laundered and pristine – for your use only

Please could we request payment by card where possible.

Due to the increased cost of PPE, disposal items and fewer client appointments we have unfortunately had to adjust some of our pricing. Please see our treatment menu above.

Finally, your patience with these steps is greatly appreciated and we can’t wait to welcome you back and what to ensure you have the best treatment ever😊

Please complete this short questionnaire about COVID-19 and your current health:

1. Have you tested positive for COVID-19, or been in contact with someone who has

in the past 14 days? yes/no

2. Have you been tested for COVID-19 and are currently awaiting the test results? yes/no

3. Do you have any of the following symptoms: fever, dry cough, body aches, headaches, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath? (Note: This refers to new or unusual symptoms not aligned with medical history. You may exclude known personal medical conditions that have the same symptoms, e.g. allergies, history of migraines.) yes/no

4.Are you or your immediate contacts in a high-risk category? yes/no

Please note, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, unfortunately we are unable to give you an in person treatment. Instead, we would like to offer a virtual service, where we can connect for a digital one on one consultation. Please provide a time and date where we can connect virtually.

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